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My Favorite Distraction

Nov 14, 2019

Matthew and Jamie chat about "Christian Genius Billionare Kanye West", leaving trails of forensic evidence so police can catch your killer, and, of course, what Matthew has been watching on TV when he's supposed to be working.
The Morning Show:
Forensic Files, the podcast:

Oct 30, 2019

Matthew shares why he hates Halloween. Jamie joins a gym. And then talk about Jordan--their greatest vacation ever... 

For more info on visiting Jordan, check out 

Oct 16, 2019

This week, Matthew returns from weeks of travel having missed an opportunity to do the splits (a split?) on the equator for the second time, Jamie bails on an awesome conference to go to Disneyland, Matthew hates Mickey Mouse, and Jamie stumbles into a wild bear picnic. #tapthetaint
Jamie's bear story on...

Sep 18, 2019

With Matthew out of town, Jamie crowns her real life bestie (whose name is also Jaime) co-host for the day, and they talk about...sports. Yes, sports. ...But they also talk about TV, Movies, Ethical Shopping, Unethical Nails, and the day Jaime met Jamie's boyfriend for the very first time.

This movie WILL make you...

Sep 11, 2019

Jamie and Matthew have a rough start. Jamie talks about her time in Canada. Matthew shares this week's favorite TV show--Succession. And Jamie shares her love for Wednesdays. 
LINK: Succession: