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My Favorite Distraction

Aug 14, 2019

Matthew binges Amazon Prime’s “The Boys”. Jamie talks about friendships and date nights. And then Jamie shares one of HER secrets to loving the outdoors. 

The Boys: 

Aug 7, 2019

On this episode of My Favorite Distraction... 
-Jamie and Matthew compare family vacations.
-They bemoan people who ride bicycles.
-Jamie shares one of her secret obsessions.
-And Matthew makes several confessions, including one about still having a landline.
Relevant links: 
- Matthew vacationed here: 

Jul 31, 2019

Jamie and Matthew met through blogging. In this episode, they discuss Matthew's early fear of Jamie, the community of bloggers who have become some of their closest friends, and the legacy of Rachel Held Evans. 
Jamie's blog: 

Jul 24, 2019

On episode 2, among the topics that Jamie and Matthew discuss are... 


Game of Thrones


And much more... 

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